Driving Instructor Covering Lisburn,Maze, Hillsborough, Lambeg, Dunmurry, Twinbrook, Poleglass, Finaghy & Belfast Area

Work with a driving instructor who is always available to answer any questions that you have about driving,

Work with an instructor who thinks that any idea you have about driving is a good idea and will help you to develop your skills.

Work with an instructor who will show you various roads as well as help you drive in an area that you know

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Theory Test Help

Offers On Lessons

With Forward Driving we know that it is hard to learn all of the information for passing your theory, that's why we can help with the theory as well as the practice

We know that learning to drive can be very expensive, that is why we offer special offers for those who are just starting to learn.

Intensive Courses

Sometimes you want might want to learn how to drive quickly instead of taking over a month. that is why we offer intensive courses where you can learn in a week


One Time Offers

 5 Hours for


 10 Hours for


Intensive Courses

 10 Hours for


 15 Hours for


 20 Hours for


 30 Hours for


Standard Rate

  1 Hour for


Test Rate


Test Rate includes one hours lesson before drive and use of car during test



Forward Driving is a new driving school for the Lisburn and Belfast area. The instructor Terry Ward has over 10 years of teaching students under his belt and can teach you how to drive with no fuss.

Whether it's your first time in a car or close to your last lesson Forward Driving will be able to help you push yourself to become a fully fledged driver in no time.

Forward Driving offer competitive rates and friendly service to make sure that you can be your own driver in no time

Terry taught to me drive without worry, I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to do it without his help

- Aaron, Passed with one minor

Terry was very patient with me as I was a slow learner. I am so thankful that it was Terry I picked to teach me

- Kate, Passed with three minors

Terry was a fun and relaxing teacher, I was nervous when I started to learn but Terry helped me fight through my fears to become a good driver now

-Matthew, Passed with 9 minors


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